First day of Fall

It’s the first official day of Autumn, and although Statesboro, Georgia is still steaming at 88 degrees, my body feels like fall. My Dad is visiting Colorado right now for the sole purpose of seeing the colors of the changing leaves. He sent me a picture of a valley covered with deep yellow, orange and red Aspen trees. When I was about twelve, my sister Molly and I took the train from California to Colorado in early Fall to visit my Dad and his best friend, Jim. I remember resting my chin on the window sill of our train car and watching how the Fall colors blurred together as the trees passed by. For those of you who have not seen Colorado in the Fall, put it on your list of things to do before you die. The leaves look like they have been painted one by one with the deepest, thickest, most opaque reds and yellows and oranges you have ever seen. Go to Maroon Bells for the full effect. 🙂

Eventually, the trees let go of these gorgeous leaves once they no longer serve them, and they flutter to the ground. Autumn, for humans too, can be used as a chance to let go of things that no longer serve us. As beautiful as these things, judgements, attitudes, habits, whatever, may have been yesterday, are they really making a positive contribution to who we are today? It’s amazing how much we are capable of holding on to without even realizing that we’re doing it. Humans aren’t like trees (obviously)–we don’t naturally let go of things that we don’t need anymore. Unfortunately, these things that no longer serve us stay hidden in our bodies and translate into physical and mental stress. So take this day, this month, this season, to let go. Maybe you let go of one thing, maybe many things. But do it, as gracefully as those Aspens will let go of their leaves.

Oh, and go to Maroon Bells! That will definitely help you out with this process.


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