Ginger Tea

Hey all! Thought I would switch it up a bit from what I usually write about and share a recipe with you that has really helped me lately. Have you noticed that I haven’t been doing as many hands-on adjustments in class recently? It’s because your girl has a little shoulder injury. To ease the inflammation (and just feel awesome all over) I make tea from fresh ginger. Ginger’s therapeutic qualities are vast, but this tea especially helps inflamed joints and digestion issues. Its spicy and sweet, and will make you smile. Here’s how to do it. 

Slice as much fresh ginger as you’d like, as thin as you can (you could even use a potato peeler)

Boil some water

Put the sliced ginger directly in the boiling water and turn down heat to medium-high

Do some yoga/dance around your living room for fifteen minutes while the hot water pulls the healing goodness out of the ginger

Enjoy the smell of your kitchen 

Strain the ginger out of the hot water and into your favorite mug

Add some honey and lime if ya want

Get super cozy and drink the hell out of your fresh ginger tea


You will notice your mood change within the first sip, it’s invigorating stuff! This tea will heal bum shoulders and bad days. Promise. 





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