Day 9: Stream of consciousness

Less creative today, more informative. Most of you know that in addition to yoga, I also study ayurveda. I’d like to give you all a few tips on how to stay healthy as we transition into Fall. These are also great ways to embrace the season and give Mama nature some respect. As always, I try to keep my yoga and my health advice accessible and easy to do, so you won’t be seeing any fancy herbs or sanskrit names here. If you do want those things–ask, and I will gladly talk with you about it.

1. Practice yoga. Even if for just ten minutes.

2. Bundle up and go for a walk.

3. Notice if your body feels different–compare it to how it felt over the summer

4. Breathe. For five minutes a day, sit and notice how it feels to fill and empty your lungs.

5. Drink tea. Because it’s warming, healing, and delicious. I drink something spicy in the morning, like cinnamon or ginger, and something calming at night, like chamomile. Okay that’s the only herb-talk, promise.

6. Read books. As we transition out of extroverted summer, quiet activities like reading may feel more natural.

7. Eat seasonal foods. This shouldn’t be hard to do, because this is the season of comfort foods. Pumpkin, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, pomegranate, artichokes, cranberries, kale, and pears should keep you happy.

8. Write. Again, as we transition into a more introverted season, this should feel natural. Just write for ten minutes straight. Don’t stop. Keep your pen moving.

9. Consider a fall detox. Not one of the crazy ones. It could be as simple as only eating seasonal foods for one day and drinking a lot of water.

10. Fall is the season of letting go. You could try letting go of some things yourself, like old clothes or a bad habit. You could clean out your garage or forgive someone. It doesn’t have to be worldly or life-changing. Just let go of something, anything.


Let me know if you have any other activities or rituals you do during the Fall season. Have a good day everyone, and have a healthy season.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Brent
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 16:37:55

    You know me George, I’m a nut for the fall colors.

    I’m taking you next time to Colorado to experience what those mountains produce in September. Jaw dropping at its finest …


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