Day 20

My prompt tonight was to write about something I don’t understand.

It’s gonna be short because I am so so so tired.

I don’t understand people that get married young.

A part of me does understand, I guess. Security?

Love isn’t like that though. Even I know that and I’m pretty dumb in the love department. For a long time I didn’t think marriage was cool. All the legality and money. But now…I like the idea of it. Commitment. Throwing a party to celebrate your love.

And while I don’t want to get married anytime in the next 2934120934 years, I still like the idea of it.

Wife. What an interesting role to play.

But this young? 24 young? I don’t get it. What are the upsides to getting married early?

I can’t think of one.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marissa Bryan
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 14:51:57’s my story.

    Growing up, I KNEW exactly how I wanted my life to be. I would go to college, do amazing research, do the peace corps for two years, meet my future husband, come back, do my PhD, I would marry at 28, have one biological kid at 30, and then adopt two more kids as I traveled around the world improving global health.

    Everything was going exactly as planned, then I fell completely in love with this guy who loved to climb rocks. I mean bat-shit crazy in love…when we first met, neither one of us ate or slept for 3 days.

    After spending almost all of our time together for 3 years, I KNEW he was going to ask me to marry him soon. But, I thought this is way too soon, we are way too young, I must have some crazy pheromones making me even consider this, those are going to fade and then what?

    So, I left. I went to Joshua Tree, to Ecuador, to Alaska. I met interesting new people, saw amazing places, had super hot climbing dudes and mountaineers flirt with me. Life was good, it was fun, but it was missing something. Wes was always on my mind, sometimes his presence was a whisper but usually it shouted at me from the beautiful vistas and peaks I was seeing. These would be so much more awesome with Wes!

    The next time I saw him, he was running towards me on our cruise ship. Giddily bounding towards me like an awkward happy puppy. He swept me up, spun me around, and I knew I never wanted to be without him again. When he nervously pulled me into the jewelry store and asked what I liked, I was no longer scared of marrying him. We spent the week glowing in ecstatic puppy love.

    When I had to return to Alaska, the beautiful peaks no longer took my breath away, everything seemed drab and gray. It sounds ridiculous and immature, but I was despondent without him. My body even grew physically sick, throwing up every morning…I thought, surely you can’t really be love sick?

    Turns out you can be love sick, in a sense. I soon found out I was pregnant. Oops!

    We got engaged (ring I had chosen on cruise), had our baby, got married. We were 22 and 23.

    I don’t know how life will turn out, but we have now been together 7 years( the time it takes those pheromones to fade), have 2 kids, a house in the suburbs. We would still spend all our time together if we could. I’m still pursuing that PhD and still hope to drag these kids across the globe. I’ve just added the goals and dreams of three other people to the mix,

    So while the timing may have been all wrong, the person was right, and that’s why I married young. I also think being young makes us pretty awesome parents, since we have only slightly less energy than the kids 🙂


  2. Georgie Abel
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 10:02:38

    Hey Marrisa,
    Wow. Thanks so much for your comment. It was really nice to read and something I needed to hear. Life is messy, and when we plan, or think that we know what we want, we break a leg, lose a loved one, or fall in love.

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂


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