Missed day 25, and here is day 26

I know I missed posting yesterday, and the day before, but I actually did write something over those days and here it is:

On the plane to Savannah right now. Heading down there for a week or so to see my friends and go climbing. I heard the first really thick southern accent I had heard in a long time from a sweet older woman who was on the phone with her daughter talking about chicken noodle soup. It was perfect.

I am tired today, from lack of sleep, a few too many Budweisers last night, and traveling. And, the past few days have been a little emotional. Alright, they’ve been a lot emotional. That always happens when I’m about to go visit the guy I’ve been in love with for the past three years, and I haven’t seen him since August. I’m sure you understand.

I am tired but I’m not that kind of tired that feels sad or hopeless, I’m the tired that feels enjoyable, like a reward, the ability to be calm. Somber. The kind of tired that makes you want to listen to easy songs and drink chai with a good friend. The kind of friend you like sharing blankets with. The kind of friend you don’t have to constantly fill the silence with words, or even talk to at all, you can just sit on the couch and be together without the TV on.

Lucky. That’s how I feel today. I have great friends. All over the country. Yesterday I watched the Giants game and went out to a bar with my childhood friends and a few new friends too, and I think we were in a group hug for the better portion of last night.

And now I’m flying to Georgia to see my college friends, my climbing friends, the friends who you live with for four plus years and spend every moment with, so they so effortlessly become family. And my climbing friends, who have quite literally saved my ass and made me laugh more than anyone, the friends that you can sit in a smelly old tent with all day when it’s raining and it feels like heaven.

I have been thinking a lot lately about those people who don’t have any grace period from the time you meet them to the time they actually consider you a friend. I so admire those people. They are the sweetest. I saw it happen last night, I introduced a new friend to an old friend and there weren’t any questions, any doubts, any I don’t know you that well so I’m still going to be guarded around you, maybe after like the forth time I see you we can hug. No. None of that. Hello, hey, nice to meet you. Instant friends. I love that and it makes me smile big, cheshire cat smile.

I feel loved. And if you, yes you, reader, has ever in any way made me feel loved, and the chances are pretty good that you have–thank you. Thank you so much, it never goes unnoticed. And I will never forget it.


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