Day 27:

Back in Georgia. So many memories here, so many sweet sweet memories of this funny little college town.

My friends built a woody in their backyard, these overhanging pieces of plywood with plastic holds all over it that kicks my ass every time. Just reminds me how severely horrible I am at climbing anything overhanging, definitely a face climbing kind of girl.

I also have barely been bouldering, so my power has dwindled. It’s bouldering season though–time to get off ropes and be burly. Bishop is calling.

I’m competing in a bouldering competition at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama next weekend, and the ass kicking will continue. Slopey friction climbing on nonexistent holds. Squeeeeze. Tension. Hold your breath.

I’m going to start training really hard this week, lots of core work and lots of climbing and yoga. I love training. I love being inspired and trying hard. And being around my southern climbing friends just makes it so much more fun.

I’m happy today.

Beer time. ❤


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