Moments of honesty



My friend sent this to me and it made me want to write about it, to expand it, to create something of my own.

This is why I fall in love with just about everyone I meet. I am such a sucker for people and their honest moments. I used to think that moments like this were extremely rare. But they aren’t. If you open your eyes, they are happening everywhere. Catch it if you can.  

I love when my girlfriends do something, pause, and say, I am becoming my mother. I love artists. I love dogs. I love it when I lock eyes with a stranger, we both look away, and then when I look back we lock eyes again. I like seeing people singing in their cars. I love the look on your face when you open a cupboard and a million things come tumbling out. I love live music. I love the sound of my friend’s voices when they’re telling a story about when they were a kid. I like riding shot gun and not having to say a word for hours. I love when I ask a new yoga student if they have any injuries, and they say, no but my heart hurts today. I like being in the same train car as someone who doesn’t know English. I love when that woman with loud bracelets realizes she is actually pushing my cart in Berkeley Bowl. Good lord, I love dancing. I love it when the dark roots of that bleached blonde start to grow out. I love the look on girls’ faces when their date rings the doorbell to pick them up for prom. Even better is the look on their date’s face when they open the front door. I love when we’ve all been in the city for a while and we take a trip to the mountains. I love confessions. I love it when bros with flat brimmed hats tell me about this girl that broke their heart. I love airports, seeing people leaving each other and seeing reunions. I love it when four year old boys hold on to my leg for two hours because they are afraid to try rock climbing. I love when little girls grab the hand of someone at the farmer’s market and realize it’s not their mama. I love flowers. I love watching the sun set with my friends. And sunrises. I like it when people fall asleep on my shoulder. I love seeing people laugh in a cafe at a book they’re reading. I like old photos, old love letters, and boxes of notes we passed in 7th grade science class. I love the noises people make when they hold puppies or kittens. I love when I’m somewhere it’s inappropriate to laugh, but then you lock eyes with a friend and get the giggles. I love truth or dare. I love watching people try really really hard on a rock climbing route.  I love breakdowns, like throw yourself on the bathroom floor and tell your friend about how horrible your day was kind of breakdowns. I love single tears. I love how these moments are everywhere, and it’s just a matter of showing up for them.


I think that one of the worst things we can do to another person is to make someone who is in a moment of honesty feel foolish, stupid, or embarrassed. Some of us do this often. But why would we, when honesty is so beautiful and downright adorable? Be good to each other.

Have a great day, and search with your eyes, ears, and hearts for these moments. They are happening all around you!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trebuchet
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 12:03:40

    Thanks Georgie! This made me smile both inside and out!


  2. Meredith
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 13:23:26

    good post Jackie 🙂 xoxo mckenz


  3. teresa mupas
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 04:38:45

    I love when people write honest posts about honest love.


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