free write on broken bones


I see it everywhere right now.

I see broken bones, relationships breaking up, spring break, broken bad habits, breaking addictions, broken hearts, breaks from bad jobs. And it’s causing our lives, our day to day normalcy, to change in very sudden ways. Some of these breaks are welcomed, and some of them are more challenging to accept and adapt to.

Things aren’t slowly pulling apart like a piece of taffy, the last threads hanging on ferociously–don’t separate! No, these breaks are happening in the instant, in the split second, one minute you’re climbing and the next you’re broken on the ground. One minute you’re life looks like this, the next it looks like that. Sudden, jarring breaks–in our physical bodies, in our ways of life and of thinking. There isn’t any question or concern for whether we would like the break or not, it just happens.

I can name six friends who have at least one broken bone in this moment. It always seems that it happens this way, that we all break at the same time. I am about to break away from an entire lifestyle, one of living in a house and belaying adorable little girls and teaching people how to tie climbing knots and being a yoga teacher and driving a car through a city. All of that will change to a life of simply living in a tent and climbing–an abrupt break in things that consume time and generate money, a break in green smoothies, air pollution, and seeing my family.

More often than not when something heals from being broken, it comes back stronger than before the break. We know this to be true for bones, hearts, and minds. This happens no matter what the break may look like, and whether it was welcomed or not.

Perhaps the process of breaking and being broken is the most effective way for our bodies and minds to grow stronger. Maybe breaking and the subsequent healing that takes place is the method in which all living things become more awesome.

There is one requirement–we must heal. Staying broken forever is not characteristic of living things, it is not natural. Our bodies work hard to repair physical breaks in the instant it happens. This is immediate, whether you have a broken back or a paper cut. So often with things that aren’t inherently physical, like a broken heart, we fight the healing process, we don’t want the pain, the time it takes, the pity, the helplessness, the being forced to rest. So we look for quick fixes and completely disrespect and distrust our innate capabilities that our bodies and hearts have to heal themselves.

It in not human of us to stay broken forever. Allow yourself to heal, let go of control, trust the process, and know that this is all happening to help you grow into something stronger.

Take care of yourselves.




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  1. Joshua
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 10:57:28

    Synchronistic! I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago for my climber friends to stop getting hurt. I know four friends with broken bones at the moment 😦
    Enjoy your tent life! It is one to be envied by many.


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