Day 5: She/he makes me feel…

My prompt today is to finish this sentence: He/she makes me feel…

I love this prompt. Something interesting always comes out of it. So here ya go. Have a good weekend everyone.



Like a redwood.

Golden marbles that fall over the brim and wildflower

honey, the sound of a quail,

Like I am always backlit, arched backs and the laundry room,

riding bikes through the rain

Like a mandolin.

A prehistoric river flowing below you,

bubbling and glowing, how the pine complains as the wind is blowing

Warm in October, groaning in the stove

Like me, I’m burning,

an early dusk.

I am made of dust, a whirlpool

cooled by the midnight

for love’s sake and always

taking the game trail, my hair down, a bath.

Like I am made of moon.




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