Day 9: write about coffee

First thing on the brain,

synapsing and loud

and with

One Taste

my heart starts beating, its sound

satisfies my hip hop taste buds

with my hood up

my full cup

Driving through the city like the winter

can’t touch me

cause this morning I got fed, yeah it’s been a little while

but I feel the glow

start to roll, coming in pairs

now I got the magic in a stock pile

No such thing as too much, yeah you know me

I’m a rattlesnake,

I’m a tiger, babe

Sipping on it slow like it’s too hot,

or gulp it down, run it to the creases in your wrists

pooling as it sizzles, it steams, it twists,

and no don’t stall,

get your mind off the crash

it’s just what you gotta do when you’re livin’ in the sprawl

I got the drug in my blood, a lotus in the mud

look at me now,

I’m wide

awake, I’m thawed.


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