how did i get here? a poem from idaho

how did I get here?

hey, quiet now, let’s not ask those kinds of questions

during a moment so dear.

I sit in a folding chair with my feet up on the tailgate,

was it luck, gumption, or fate?

oh just cut that out for now,

okay, okay, so here am I,

with a soft jaw and an ease

to my brow

it’s that simple

and it’s that easy.

I pull my cap down over my eyes, tilt

my head back and I’ve got

just a few things but it feels like a whole lot–

an open novel across my lap, a cup of tea that I twisted

into the tall grass,

and a prayer to this moment:

please last!

because I know that soon I’ll be worried

about a look someone gave me

or sitting in traffic, mind blurry

mind in a fog

mind hazed like the city smog

but for now,

and now, and now, and now,

there is a sweetness to this

that would be so sad to miss

by asking

how did i get here?

i thought I told you already,

quiet now,

so I take air into the depths of my lungs,

its summertime soothes some darkness that

once stung

and I can’t exhale without


because it’s all just so perfect


how did i get here?

oh just give it up, girl

okay, right, this moment, it’s a gem

a pearl,

so i push my cap back up and the light–

it’s white,

it’s gold,

and as the summer deepens I feel myself unfold,

all the corners that I had hidden,

the ones that are tattered and rough

I unfurl, I don’t even care, I’m enough

and I smile from the dissolving


but I can’t help but wonder

how, in God’s name,

did I get here?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anne Evans
    Jun 26, 2015 @ 17:03:51

    Love this!


  2. Cynthia Abel
    Jun 27, 2015 @ 12:54:57

    Love this🌻🍁🌲🌾☀️⛅️ 💚 Sent from my iPhone



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