a love poem

we ate cherries under a waxing moon

spit their pits into the golden grass

and i wondered: had i ever envied stone fruit before?

because in this moment, i did.

how i wanted him to take my heart

into his mouth and remove the deep red flesh

from the seed with

his teeth and tongue

and spit my clean soul into the tall grass so it

could shimmer in the moonlight,

bathe in her white hue,

and i wanted to do the same to him.

i wanted us to chew off all the veils, the masks, the pride, the armor

and just be next to each other in the grass.

he reached over and held my wrist so gently

played with my bracelet as he looked up to the moon.


he asked,

and I nodded.

we faced each other, his eyes caught the cool moonlight

and he said,


as if he was seeing me for the very first time.