a weird one

I was this close

to forgetting what it feels like

to sleep in a Walmart parking lot.

Somewhere in between totally fine and

rock bottom,

but probably rock bottom because

you’re totally fine

listening to Radiohead and eating barbecue chips

with the covers kicked off,

because it’s Wyoming, because it’s August.

Look at you, your hair’s getting long,

you’re moving without thinking about it for three days straight

(that’s a charming new development!)

the summer’s buzz

was loud enough to drop you down

into your body

like you’ve wanted for so long,              and now

that you’re there,

and you’ve quit telling yourself that you should really meditate and stretch and

save the whole world

you can be totally fine

sleeping in a Walmart parking lot,

and come to think of it,         that’s all

you’ve been searching for all these years,

to sing with the chorus,


loud enough that someone might even tell you to keep it down,

because it’s past midnight,

and there are other people trying to sleep

in a Walmart parking lot.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Luke Mehall
    Aug 03, 2015 @ 08:21:40

    you are my new favorite poet Georgie!


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