when they ask who you are

Here’s a quote from Dominique Christina. “When they ask who you are, tell them you are many mountains moving. Tell them you are wind song. Tell them they should not have to ask. Tell them you do not have to answer.” These words were playing my head all morning. The quote inspired a poem that I thought I’d share with you all.

when they ask who you are,

tell them you are a Nirvana song in their headphones,

that you only came for the open bar,

that you are headlights in the fog

and the month of September.

tell them that you’re dawn breaking,

an ember as it smolders,   that you’re

cricket song.

tell them about everything you’ve lost

and the spiderwebs you’ve walked through.

tell them that your heart is made of a ruby

and that you would hold them in your flowering arms

and kiss their eyelids until the end of the earth.

tell them that you are root beer,

that you sound like the stars,

smell like the moon,

and taste like a pear.

say to them: here, feel this. and hold out your arm,

have them run their fingers across the bones of your wrist.

and say to them: see?

and if they do not nod, you should leave.

tell them that if they leave,

you understand but will not ask them to stay.

and when they ask you who you are,

tell them they should not have to ask.

tell them you do not have to answer.

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