i see you.
you are half
and half exactly
not even saying that
you equinox babe,
you are moon and you are sun
you are bullet and you are gun
you are old and you are young
and you,
i see you.
always have.
always do.
you’ve been walking around town
like the winter wasn’t shit
spitting rhymes
like cherry pits
oh damn, oh lord, oh my
i see you.
you equinox babe,
you are yin and you are yang
you are night and you are day
you are growth and you are decay
of thousands
of wildflowers are what
make up your vertebrae.
you equinox babe,
got rainwater flowin through your lymph nodes
tree sap for blood
just one word of yours causes a flood
because you say things like
hey chickpea.
you equinox babe.
you are black and you are white
you are left and you are right
you are dark and you are bright
give me some more, please,
i want your folklore
how’d you get these rains to pour
you equinox babe?
tell me about balance
about how if your head won’t move
then those feet will
how if you don’t know
then you’ll bleed until
ain’t nothing left
but bone.
at what a mess
you made
you earth dream,
you equinox babe.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wedreambusiness
    Mar 22, 2016 @ 01:16:40

    What a pleasure to read your poetry of fierce vernal beauty. Thank you

    (Although it may not require response, I hope you received my message, copy to Ella, from MLM)


  2. Cindy Abel
    Apr 14, 2016 @ 10:34:15

    Beautiful! Love your writing

    Sent from my iPhone



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