wyo love poem


people ask me:


who are you writing about

in your poetry?

honey, the answer is easy:

it’s about you all,

it’s about you doll,

it’s you, it’s always you,

because you,

you are the salt of my earth.

you are love of my life.

you make the strife around here

a reason to believe in god.

you make the hate

a reason to hug each other for five minutes straight,

(do that if you haven’t today)

and i swear to you, the doves are coming.

do you know about that wyo love?

it’s all over these parts,

got it all over my heart

like i’m on drugs, like moth love,

like a lady bug

but more earthbound,

tangled in the planet is where i found


you earth dream, you high country stream,

salt of my earth,

love of my life,

you got that wyo love

in the palm of your hand

from the fat of land,

you pressed it against my tongue

and it dissolved like a shooting star,

sizzled like a shooting star,

star death, on the crest

of the canyon, it salted the sky that night,





that night

we fell asleep laying on the old highway

that night that lifted into day

that night, i still crave

your eyes, your eyes

are made of rosewater

and a brackish river,





and as the nights grew hotter

i slipped into july like an oversized t-shirt

writing love letters all day

saying hey hey hey

to everyone i see.

you life loves. you earth salts.

you and me babe,

let me turn us into poetry,

let me tell you about

all the ways in which we haven’t failed each other.

let me tell you about

all the ways in which the world isn’t yet over.

iknowiknow, there’s evidence that it is, that we’re done,

every day, every goddamn day these days, i’m stunned

by this touch-starved planet.

but hold on tight,

loves of my life,

salts of my earth,

joy is coming, joy is here,

cause you’re here

to teach me love, and i’m here

to teach you love,

that wyo love,

that quiet love, safe love,

that slow love that you know so well,

like when you were just a child,

salt of my earth!

love of my life!

reminds you of how wild

you actually are, so give it up girl.

let your tightly folded corners unfurl

and get some air, let your hair

grow past your shoulders,

let that wyo love salt your earth,


give that shit away

every day, give more,

till you can feel their heart synapsing with yours,

smoldering with purpose, true with the fact

that we belong here,

that we belong together,

that we will save each other

with this love,

with this gentle tug of summer birth.

you love, you are the love of my life,


you are the salt of my earth.




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